Picture of Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

Photos of Karst Mountains and Misty Valleys in China Town of Guilin.

Picture of Kung Fu Master Xing Du.
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Guilin photos of Chinese people. Guilin mountains seen from the highest peak. Fortune teller sits on marble stool in Guilin cave. Guilin mementoes sold on street stalls. Weeping willows reflected in waters of Guilin lake. Search Google.Com for Guilin photos. Many attractions to photograph in town of Guilin. New transmitter station built on highest peak of Guilin mountains. Yellow earth exposed by new track up highest mountain in Guilin. Photos of Guilin by Beifan.Com. Links to larger copies of Guilin photos.
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Updated 17th June, 2006
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The Guilin photos below are links to larger copies. Click the photos for the larger copies which will open in new windows. All new windows should be closed to return to this page. Picture of Guilin Mountains: New Track on Highest Mountain in Guilin exposes yellow earth.

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Guilin: Karst Mountains Of A Chinese Town.
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they include:-
Guilin: Chinese pedicab hired for tour of Guilin.
Guilin: Zigzag bridge provides seating for Chinese grandmas.
Guilin: Stalls open on dimly lit streets of old Guilin.
Guilin: Pictures of highest mountains in Guilin.

Karst Mountain Scenery with Misty Valleys Of A Chinese Town.

The view of the Guilin mountains from the aeroplane bringing the group to the Guilin town was quite spectacular. The trees then growing on the Guilin mountains were not those of ancient times. The Guilin trees in years gone by were more useful as fuel than as a decorative and important feature of the mountains. In later years, a transmitter station was built on the highest Guilin mountain peak. The cutting of a new track to the top of the mountain exposed the yellow earth and in the yellow earth of the Guilin mountains young saplings had taken root. Nature was attempting to reclaim its lost territory. From the highest peak of the mountains a different view of the Guilin scenery was observed.

Guilin: China Town With Many Attractions To Photograph.

Guilin: Picture of a Chinese fortune teller in a Buddhist Cave.
Guilin lakes with reflections of weeping willows; Chinese fishermen hoping to catch their supper; Seated Grandmas on a zigzag bridge enjoying a gossip; Guilin restaurants busy with their evening customers; street stalls selling Guilin mementoes or tasty snacks, there seems to be no dull moment for the visitor nor for the local Chinese people. If you want to know what life has in store for you, get your forecast in a Buddhist Cave.

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A Selection from Robert's Wild Cards

Ancient barracks in pictures of buildings in Longzhou: The two ancient gun barrels outside the barracks shown in the pictures of buildings in China, were very popular with the local children and used for climbing. Pictures Of Buildings: Chinese army barracks and gun barrels in Longzhou, China.
The Chinese Dragon, mythical beast of legend is displayed in many forms. The open door picture of a Chinese Dragon at the entrance to the long driveway leading to the Temple Of Heaven in Beijing shows it was ready to defend its Chinese Emperor. Picture of Chinese Dragon at the Temple Of Heaven, Beijing
Pictures of Chinese farmers home with farmers son in living room. Front of open door of wooden Chinese farmhouse with balcony. Picture of bamboo furniture in home of farmer in China seen through open door. Family of Chinese farmer dig fresh water well in farm yard. Golden harvest of rice on yard of farm in China. Chinese characters on red paper in home of Chinese farmer. Mandarin teacher from China family of farmers. Picture of Son of Chinese farmer with friends in China farmhouse.
A Dim Sum meal of Chinese food served at a Chinese restaurant with a wide variety of Chinese dishes selected from trollies wheeled by the restaurant staff from table to table. Most of the food that had not been eaten at the end of the meal was packed in doggy-bags to take home. Picture of food, Dim Sum, served at a Chinese restaurant in Guilin
Pictures of People Who Are Happy: Open door pictures of Chinese boys in pictures of happy people sharing time together. Chinese cousins in the UK, one on a holiday visit from Guangzhou, China, laugh and joke together about nothing in particular, but they are happy. Picture of People: Chinese boys joke and laugh about nothing in particular, but just because they are happy.
Open door pictures of a Chinese wedding with ancient customs western style. Chinese wedding pictures as Bride and Groom return to Groom's home for Chinese Tea Ceremony, then to Park for photos. The wedding banquet shown in the open door pictures was in keeping with ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions. Picture of Chinese bride and groom at their wedding banquet

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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