Picture of Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

Rap Poem About Bullying At School That Affects Life Of Young Pupil.

Picture of Kung Fu Master Xing Du.
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Updated 14th March, 2010
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The school life of children should be one of happy times and happy memories, but school bullying brings despair instead for some pupils. The affects of bullying at school seem to last for ever for some children, sometimes escaping the attention of parents or teachers. Efforts to stop bullying at school are not always successful, and the affects are not always understood. For many children, bullying at school is the cause of ill health, real or imagined, school has no appeal for them; who can blame them for behaviour that does not reflect their true nature.

Bullying is bad, It makes me sad.
Bullying is cruel, And it's not so cool.
Bullying is mean, It makes me scream.
I try to run away, But they catch me everyday.
They steal my money, Every time its sunny.
Bullying must end, And they must make friends.
I always cry, And I want to die.
I want to hang myself up, Because I've had enough.

Crazy Fil

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Wild Card
Ancient barracks in pictures of buildings in Longzhou: The two ancient gun barrels outside the barracks shown in the pictures of buildings in China, were very popular with the local children and used for climbing. Pictures Of Buildings: Chinese army barracks and gun barrels in Longzhou, China.
The Chinese Dragon, mythical beast of legend is displayed in many forms. The open door picture of a Chinese Dragon at the entrance to the long driveway leading to the Temple Of Heaven in Beijing shows it was ready to defend its Chinese Emperor. Picture of Chinese Dragon at the Temple Of Heaven, Beijing
Pictures of Chinese farmers home with farmers son in living room. Front of open door of wooden Chinese farmhouse with balcony. Picture of bamboo furniture in home of farmer in China seen through open door. Family of Chinese farmer dig fresh water well in farm yard. Golden harvest of rice on yard of farm in China. Chinese characters on red paper in home of Chinese farmer. Mandarin teacher from China family of farmers. Picture of Son of Chinese farmer with friends in China farmhouse.


A Dim Sum meal of Chinese food served at a Chinese restaurant with a wide variety of Chinese dishes selected from trollies wheeled by the restaurant staff from table to table. Most of the food that had not been eaten at the end of the meal was packed in doggy-bags to take home. Picture of food, Dim Sum, served at a Chinese restaurant in Guilin
Pictures of People Who Are Happy: Open door pictures of Chinese boys in pictures of happy people sharing time together. Chinese cousins in the UK, one on a holiday visit from Guangzhou, China, laugh and joke together about nothing in particular, but they are happy. Picture of People: Chinese boys joke and laugh about nothing in particular, but just because they are happy.
The Vietnam pictures were taken following a chance meeting with a young man named Hoang in 1979. Hoang was one of the "Boat People" from Vietnam who arrived in the UK. In due course I was given the responsibility of teaching him some English. A few weeks later I met his family and friends, and subsequently their families and friends, and friends and families, of friends and families.... and so it all began. Picture of Vietnamese boy at wedding banquet in Haiphong, Vietnam.
Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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