Picture of Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

Children Photos: Young Girls Work In Vietnam, Young Boy Plays In China.

Picture of Kung Fu Master Xing Du.

Children photos from China towns and cities and from Vietnam. Chinese boy near Minorities Park in children photos climbs logs near entrance gate. The reward of taking children photos. Boy climbs on logs in children photos from Beijing. Young Vietnamese girls on a boat in children photos selling snacks to tourists at Ha Long Bay. Children photos include girls on boat in Ha Long Bay. Children photos of Vietnamese girls at work in Vietnam. Son of Chinese farmer in children photos from Hunan Province. Camera flash startles young Chinese boy on street in Longzhou.
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Upon the shoulders of the children rests the future of the world. Children in different countries have different lifestyles, and for many of them, the lifestyle they experience will be a lifestyle that remains with them for the rest of their lives. For other children, their lives are full of happiness and adventure, and their experiences prepare them for their years of adulthood that carry with them greater opportunities and responsibilities. But the years of childhood should be happy ones for all children, full of love and friendship, they do not need wealthy trappings to be happy.

During a visit to Madrid many years ago, we walked away from the bustle of the high streets with shops displaying goods the ordinary people could not afford to buy. A short distance away we came to a side street, lined with home dwellings constructed of reclaimed tin sheeting and cardboard. Two small boys, raggedly dressed and with unwashed faces, were crouched together on the dusty and unmade roadway. They could be heard talking and laughing happily together as they played. When we got closer to them we were able to see that these two happy children from very poor families, were playing with their toys....... dead leaves that had fallen off the roadside trees.

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Children Photos: Vietnamese girls on boat in Ha Long Bay selling goods to tourists.

Children Photos: Vietnamese Girls Work In Ha Long Bay.

The two Vietnamese girls shown in the Children Photos were on a boat in Ha Long Bay. The children photos from Vietnam were taken during a visit in 1996. Ha Long Bay, where this children photo was taken is famous for its mountain islands. A boat taking tourists around the islands was soon visited by hawkers boats. In the children photos on this page, from Ha Long Bay, it was the young girls who were doing the selling, while Ma controlled their boat.

What reason was there for the children to be involved in selling goods to visitors on tour boats making their way around the mountain islands of Halong Bay? Would the children receive a better response than their parents from the tourists? If a child pleads with you to buy a packet of biscuits or a can of cola, it is difficult to ignore the plea uttered from the mouths of angelic faces. Perhaps the children would have been much happier playing on shore with their friends, but perhaps the needs of the family were much greater.

Children Photos: Chinese Boy Playing With Football In Beijing.

Children Photos: Chinese boy with ball climbs on rocks near entrance to Minorities Park, Beijing. Taking children photos can sometimes be very rewarding if the boys and girls in the children photos are not aware of the camera. Although the young Chinese boy in the children photos was carrying a football, he seemed to be more interested in climbing on top of the logs, at the entrance to the Minorities Park near Beijing city. The Park has many examples of ethnic homes, including stilted houses and cave dwellings.

" " A child (plural: children) is a boy or girl who has not reached puberty, but also refers to offspring of any age. Adults remain the children of their parents, no matter what their age. The term is also used figuratively, for someone who behaves like a child. It can be applied to non-human offspring, as in the child node of a tree. " " " Src: Wikipedia
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Ancient barracks in pictures of buildings in Longzhou: The two ancient gun barrels outside the barracks shown in the pictures of buildings in China, were very popular with the local children and used for climbing. Pictures Of Buildings: Chinese army barracks and gun barrels in Longzhou, China.
The Chinese Dragon, mythical beast of legend is displayed in many forms. The open door picture of a Chinese Dragon at the entrance to the long driveway leading to the Temple Of Heaven in Beijing shows it was ready to defend its Chinese Emperor. Picture of Chinese Dragon at the Temple Of Heaven, Beijing
Pictures of Chinese farmers home with farmers son in living room. Front of open door of wooden Chinese farmhouse with balcony. Picture of bamboo furniture in home of farmer in China seen through open door. Family of Chinese farmer dig fresh water well in farm yard. Golden harvest of rice on yard of farm in China. Chinese characters on red paper in home of Chinese farmer. Mandarin teacher from China family of farmers. Picture of Son of Chinese farmer with friends in China farmhouse.
A Dim Sum meal of Chinese food served at a Chinese restaurant with a wide variety of Chinese dishes selected from trollies wheeled by the restaurant staff from table to table. Most of the food that had not been eaten at the end of the meal was packed in doggy-bags to take home. Picture of food, Dim Sum, served at a Chinese restaurant in Guilin
Pictures of People Who Are Happy: Open door pictures of Chinese boys in pictures of happy people sharing time together. Chinese cousins in the UK, one on a holiday visit from Guangzhou, China, laugh and joke together about nothing in particular, but they are happy. Picture of People: Chinese boys joke and laugh about nothing in particular, but just because they are happy.
Open door pictures of a Chinese wedding with ancient customs western style. Chinese wedding pictures as Bride and Groom return to Groom's home for Chinese Tea Ceremony, then to Park for photos. The wedding banquet shown in the open door pictures was in keeping with ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions. Picture of Chinese bride and groom at their wedding banquet

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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