Reference to people in China on this webpage include    Lifestyle of people in pictures from China. People pictures of farmers in Gansu Province. Chinese school children in people pictures from Huaihau, Hunan Province. Chinese children at the Shaolin Temple. People pictures include pictures of Chinese friends and restaurant staff at the the Minh Zhu Hotel in Huaihua. Chinese Taxi driver with tuft of hair on chin in people pictures from China. Men, women and children in China, and an insight into their lives. The lifestyle of farmers coping with desert like condition to produce crops. Pictures of school children at their desks during school holidays. Picture of orphaned children in care of Shaolin Temple, enjoying a different lifestyle. Tuft of long hair on chin of taxi driver shown in pictures of people. Happy Chinese friends in lobby of hotel included in people pictures from China. Two restaurant staff, in pictures of people, as they take an order from custormers in a restaurant in Changsha.
Picture of Chinese boy trying to catch a plane in Tiananmen Square.

Chinese Men, Women and Children in People Pictures from China.

Picture of Chinese boy in Chinatown of Tongmu looking through bead curtains.
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Chinese People Pictures Include Chinese Farmers, Friends, Hotel Staff and School Children.

The people pictures shown on this website may illustrate the ever changing diversity of China and the lifestyles and work in China of its people. The Chinese farmers in Gansu province depend on fresh water from wells to irrigate their crops on land that is almost like a desert. The people pictures include Chinese school children in Huaihua and children 'adopted' by the Shaolin Temple. There are two people pictures from hotels in China, one from the hotel lobby of a Zhangye Hotel, and one from the restaurant of the Minh Zhu hotel in Huaihua.

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People Pictures: The lifestyle of the Chinese farmers in Gansu Province, China, is not as affluent as that of people living in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. The Chinese farmers in the people pictures live in a province which is mostly mountains and deserts. They work hard for their living on land which they irrigate with fresh water from wells. Picture of Chinese farmer with his son, his brothers and nephews, standing near a field growing cotton.
Chinese People Pictures: School children in Zhong Fang No 1 Middle School receiving extra lessons in Chinese during the school holidays. Other Chinese school children at No 4 Middle School, Huaihua, have their own page of people pictures, also taken during school holidays. People picture of Chinese school children seated at their desks in Huaihua, Hunan Province, China.

People pictures of children at the Shaolin Temple sharing a joke in the Library. The Shaolin Temple recently 'adopted' children who now live in their own home in Dengfeng. This is part of the "Caring for Orphans" program and Buddhist ceremonies which were held in October/November 2003. People Pictures: Chinese children 'adopted' by the Shaolin Temple, share a joke in the Libary Hall.
Taxi Driver in People Pictures: Chinese rickshaws are now a transport mode of the past. The red and white taxi hired for the journey from the Minh Zhu Hotel, Huaihua, to the Middle School, Huaihua, seemed new, with air conditioning and was very clean. The Chinese taxi driver sported a tuft of long hairs on his chin, which he said had taken him only a few weeks to grow. People Pictures: Driver in his red taxi after journey from Huaihua city center to Middle School, Huaihua.

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Picture of Chinese man and woman with baby in arms standing outside their yellow earth cave home in the Loess Plateau
Beifan Website
Picture shows pupils in a school classroom in Huai Hua with raised up hands, greeting a western visitor
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Picture of very large water lily leaves floating on surface of pool in Botanical Gardens, Xishuangbana.
Chinadan Website.
Picture shows two young Vietnamese schoolboys walking on road in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Beifanchina Website.
Picture of young boys of a Chinese Minority Group, showing signs of malnutrition, gathered on a road layby, near their home.
Chinavisit Website..

People Pictures: Chinese friends seated in the lobby of a Zhangye Hotel, share a joke whilst waiting for a taxi. Modern hotel in Zhangye city, Gansu Province, with views from the top-floor restaurant of snow-capped mountains. Two friends in the People Pictures series, sitting in the Zhangye Hotel lobby, waiting for a taxi.
Restaurant staff at the Minh Zhu Hotel, Huaihua, attend to the needs of hotel guests. People picture of two Chinese young women with smiling faces in the restaurant of the Minh Zhu hotel. Ming Zhu Hotel staff discuss menu items with hotel guests in the hotel restaurant. People Pictures: Hotel restaurant staff discuss menu with hotel guests.
Photo List of Chinese food from Takeaway shop.
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Pictures of Chinese children in Longzhou. Chinese girl in Chinatown enjoys ice lolly. China boy in street startled by camera flash. Chinese boy fetches gang for photo. Children in Longzhou enjoy ice lollies. Chinese girl puts on party dress for a photo. Ai Ai waves goodbye to Grand-Pa. Chinese girls and boys remember foreign visitor to China. Pictures of Chinese children in Longzhou.

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Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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