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Mountain Landscape of Guilin China Town, Bridge Over Lake, And Pedicab Tour.

Tethered eagle at Yangshuo
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Updated 24th July, 2009

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First Visit To Vietnam


Guilin China And Its Mountain Landscape First Sighted From Plane From Hongkong

The landscape of Guilin China with its mountains and river was first sighted from the plane from Hongkong as it came in to land. Guilin in China was better than I had ever imagined although the view from the bedroom window in the hotel was not that of the Willow Pattern. It was the first chance to enjoy the Guilin scenery previously only viewed in pictures or dreams. In the distance were some of the high peaked karst mountains of Guilin a China attraction known in many countries of the world.       Through the window of our first hotel in Guilin, China, we could see below us a zigzag bridge that led to a small Guilin island bordered by willows. As I opened the window to have a better view of the scenery in Guilin China and to take some photographs, my glasses, and the lens on the camera were steamed up by the outside humidity, a warning we heeded when we first ventured onto the Guilin streets in the cool of the evening.

We Started Tour Of China In Guilin, Where Scenery Was Like Willow Pattern Rhyme

The Guilin landscape made me remember my mother telling me, many years ago, the rhyme describing the "Willow Pattern" on our dinner plates and maybe it was then that my fascination with the mysterious and diverse country of China and Guilin began.

The scenery in Guilin and China is an attraction to artists of many countries. For the members of our group starting in Guilin on a China tour, time was too short to sit and paint a picture of the Guilin scenery, so our cameras were put to good use.
Willow Pattern Rhyme

Two pigeons flying high,
Chinese vessel sailing by.
Weeping willow hanging o'er
Bridge with three men,if not four.
Chinese temples there they stand,
Seem to take up all the land.
Apple trees with apples on,
A pretty fence to end my song.


Guilin China Tour Starts By Pedicab

By the entrance to the Guilin hotel a pedicab driver waited for passengers. We hired him to take us on a short tour of the nearby Guilin streets, our first insight of what we Guilin in China pedicab and driver.might experience in the rest of our tour in China. On the following day we hired him again to take us around the Guilin lake, but as it was in the afternoon, he had a much harder time in the heat, with the perspiration dripping from his face and arms.       Half way around the Guilin lake we decided to pay him off, so that we could cross the zigzag bridge to the Guilin island.

Having bought him a drink and given him a good tip, we left him to pick up two other members of our group who were nearby. The weight of his second lot of passengers, must have been nearly twice as much as Trung and I, so he struggled to push the pedicab for a short distance, before he jumped back on, to start pedaling !

In later years, whether in Guilin or China cities or town in other parts of the country, rarely would a pedicab be seen!

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