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Shanghai China: Chinese Landscape Gardeners For Yu Yuan Gardens

Tethered eagle at Yangshuo

SITE MAP   Ivory carvings in the Shanghai China city hall. Lacquered screens in city of Shanghai hall. Stilted tea-house in city of Shanghai China gardens. Dragons protecting the city of Shanghai China mandarins. Yu Yuan Gardens in the city of Shanghai China. Chinese dragons on city of Shanghai garden wall. Gardens in city of Shanghai China example of skills of Chinese landscape gardeners. Tea House located in the city of Shanghai gardens. Chinese Dragons in city of Shanghai. Shanghai China grandma feeds baby on pavement. Overhanging eaves of Shanghai China house. Cycle-cart competes for Shanghai China road space. Tea House located in the Shanghai China gardens. Melons on Shanghai China cycle-cart. Visit different Shanghai China theater for Chinese Opera. Theater performance by Shanghai China acrobats. Chinese opera music in Shanghai China theater discordant to western tourists. Chinese workers near the Bund Shanghai, knock hole in wall. Journey to the Jade Buddha Temple from the Bund Shanghai. Chinese people on the Bund Shanghai. Trees of the Bund Shanghai. Chinese men sitting on the Bund Shanghai. The Bund Shanghai with western tourists. The Bund Shanghai stalls selling ice cream. Huangpo River wall and the Bund Shanghai. Young men take girl friends to the Bund Shanghai in the cool evenings. Chinese people and foreign tourists on the Bund Shanghai. Chinese man and friend in Shanghai photos. China pictures from Shanghai. Shanghai photos from Nanjing road overpass. Nanjing Road in Shanghai photos. Shanghai photos of European architecture. Chinese people in Shanghai photos. Tourists lost in Shanghai. Shanghai Photos of Chinese people. Litter free Shanghai roads. Overpass on Nanjing Road in Shanghai photos. European architecture in Shanghai photos.
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Garden Wall With Black Chinese Dragons in Shanghai, China.

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The landscape gardeners of Shanghai China have an historic reputation and the Yu Yuan Gardens in the city of Shanghai China is a perfect example of their skills. They created the illusion of mountains, gorges, lakes and caverns in a thimble full of space. The limestone rocks in the city of Shanghai China gardens were embellished with lichens and mosses; the trees, pruned and trained like oversize bonsai, provided dappled shade.Stilted tea house in city of Shanghai China.The undulating bodies of black dragons crept along the tops of walls, protecting the city of Shanghai China Mandarins, in years past, as they walked through moon gates and pavilions. In a lake stood the stilted teahouse with its upturned eaves and beneath the balcony, shoals of goldfish gathered to catch the tidbits thrown to them by the city of Shanghai China people above.

Contrasting Styles Of Shanghai China Buildings

In many ways, the city of Shanghai Tea House was in keeping with the story of the Willow Pattern, with its ancient features of upturned eaves, curved roof tiles and pointed finials. In stark contrast was the Shanghai China exhibition hall we visited, a gift from the Russian Government. Here was an imposing portico with decorated columns; a building with an ornamental facade and three towered roof, then from the lobby a red carpeted flight of steps led up to the first floor.

Lacquered Screens In City Of Shanghai Exhibition Hall

Displayed in several glass cabinets in the Shanghai China Hall were priceless composite carvings in ivory, of Dragon Boats; Maidens in flowing gowns, with their entourage of attendants; a rising layer of figurines topped with a decorative orb; a three quarter curved composition also mounted with a decorative orb, showing a bearded wiseman and part of a pavilion. The carvings in the city of Shanghai China Hall were in exquisite detail and it would be difficult to even guess the number of hours the craftsmen had spent in creating such masterpieces. Also on display were lacquered panels and screens depicting scenes with mandarins and maidens, zigzag bridges and willows, pine trees and pavilions, and white feathered cranes.

It mattered not whether the objects of the city of Shanghai exhibits were representations of history or legend, for their beauty was there for everyone to enjoy, and displayed the skill and patience of the Chinese artists and craftsmen. Another feast of beauty would be waiting for us at Suzhou, which was our next stop.

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