The references to silk worms and cocoons on this webpage Include       Silkworm from egg of moth, source of silk thread and Chinese silk. Number of cocoons to make one shirt. To make one silk shirt requires silk from 1000 silkworm cocoons. Baskets of silk worm cocoons stacked on tables awaiting processing. Silk spinning machines in Wuxi workshop. Nimble fingered Chinese workers remove blemished cocoons of silkworks before spinning process. Silk from cocoons of silkworms wound into skeins of white silk on machines in Wuxi workshop.Silk material being woven in noisy workshop in Wuxi. Patterned silk material in rich red color on loom in Wuxi. Display of bales of silk material in sales department store of Wuxi workshop. Chinese building workers wearing bamboo hardhats near Wuxi workshop. Silkworms Producing Silk To Be Spun And Woven Into Rich Fabrics. Moth and eggs, worm and cocoons. Silkworm eats mulberry leaf in Wuxi workshop. Silk cocoons fixed to side of bamboo skip. Life cycle of silkworm from egg, to worm, to cocoon, to moth, to egg. Silkworms are the source of silk to be woven and fashioned into dresses and shirts. Luxurious silk thread obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. Silkworm, starts process of life cycle ending with silkworm. Silk from silkworms in Wuxi, China. Silk cocoon picture from Wuxi workshop. Leaves of mulberry food of silkworm.
Picture of Chinese workers sharing a joke on a pavement in Shanghai.

Cocoons of Silkworms: Silk from Silkworm Cocoons Spun to Produce Skeins of Silk Thread in Wuxi.

Picture of tethered eagle with its keeper on the Li River landing stage at Yangshuo.
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Cycle Of Silkworms, Cocoons, Silk Thread And Chinese Silk, In China Pictures From Wuxi.

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Pictures of cocoons from silkworms, the basic material for Chinese silk. The silk thread from the cocoons of silkworms is reputed to be stronger than steel. The cocoon of a silkworm is processed to produce the silk fabric used by the fashion industry. The silk from the cocoon of a silk worm is valued for its sheer quality in the weaving of Chinese Silk.

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Silkworm picture from Wuxi, China. The cocoons of silkworms in China picture from Wuxi. Silkworms emerging from their eggs, have a voracious appetite for mulberry leaves. From the cocoons of silkworms comes the silk thread. Each cocoon on the bamboo skip is produced by a single silkworm.
Picture of a silkworm and mulberry leaves on a bamboo pannier in a workshop process cocoons of silkworms.
1000 cocoons from silkworms required to make silk shirt. Each silkworm cocoon checked for imperfections. Nimble fingers reject imperfect cocoons woven by silkworms. Cocoons from silkworms immersed in hot water. Chinese silk spun from cocoons of silkworms. Picture of cocoons from Wuxi.
Picture of hand of Chinese worker sorting out imperfect cocoons of silkworms
''''' Wuxi was originally a mining town, which, legend has it, exhausted its tin deposits, hence its name, which in Chinese literally means "tinless". It subsequently became an arts and cultural center, with several famous Chinese authors claiming Wuxi as their home town. Among them, most recently, Qian Zhongshu, author of Fortress Besieged, a comedy of manners set in China in the 1930s. One of the handicraft specialties of Wuxi is the production of Huishan clay figurines. In modern times Wuxi has also produced a number of cultural figures such as Hua Yanjun (1893-1950) also know as Xiazi Abing, famous for his erhu and pipa music. As for cuisine, Wuxi is famous for its Wuxi-style spareribs, sweetened pork mini buns and oil gluten. SRC: '''''
Weaving looms in workshop near machines spinning silk from cocoons of silkworms. From the labor of silkworms weaving cocoons comes the thread for silk fabric. Picture of weaving loom producing Chinese silk. The silkworms produce the silk which is woven into silken fabrics. The moths lay eggs to produce silkworms which weave cocoons, from which silk thread is spun to make silk fabrics.
Picture shows silk material being woven from silk thread in Wuxi workshop.

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A Selection from Robert's Wild Cards.
Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese people in Beijing. "Bringer Of Prosperity" for the Chinese New Year in lobby of China hotel. Traditional savory dumplings on eve of Chinese New Year. Chinese children receive Fun Bao at Chinese New Year. No fireworks for Chinese New Year in Beijing. Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival.
Chinese New Year: Picture of model of Chinese Wiseman in lobby of Grand View Gardens Hotel, Beijing.
The Chinese paper cuts included in Robert's wild cards, were distributed by the China National Tourism Administration in the form of a special twelve picture calendar for the year 1999. The work of cutting and mounting all the Chinese Paper cuts was carried out by farmers in the Shanxi Province of China. Picture of Chinese tiger in Chinese papercuts from calendar distributed by CNTA.
Wild card picture of Shaolin Temple boy sleeping after active day preparing to become a kung fu student. The boy sleeping with his head resting on table, perhaps dreaming of Kung Fu, could not be tempted by the Chinese food on the supper table. Picture of boy sleeping at the Shaolin Temple, with his head resting on supper table.
Three Times Cooked Pork: Pictures of Chinese food includes belly pork boiled, fried and steamed with preserved dried vegetables, Chinese style. The three times cooked belly pork in the wild card picture is a savoury Chinese food to melt in your mouth! Picture of Chinese food shows a dish of three times cooked pork with preserved dried vegetables.
On arrival at the Peking Duck restaurant, we were ushered to our table near the tableau of models of the founder of the Qian Men restaurant, together with a model of a chef carrying a Qian Men Roast Duck on a tray. A short time later, the 5th generation owner of the Qian Men restaurant, Madam Yang, joined us at table. Picture of Model of founder of Peking Duck retaurant, with chef, in Beijing.
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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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