Workers share joke in Shanghai

Bridge Over River Yangtze, and Mausoleum Of Doctor Sun Yatsen at Nanjing.

Tethered eagle at Yangshuo
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Photos from Yangtze Bridge and Mausoleum at Nannjing. Scenery in Nanjing viewed from top of steps to Mausoleum. Mao clothes worn by Chinese workers in Nanjing. Steps to Nanjing Mausoleum viewed through bamboo scaffolding. Nanjing street entertainer performs card tricks. Chinese engineers in Nanjing competed Yangtze Bridge in 1968. Mausoleum in Nanjing honors memory of Doctor Sun Yatsen. Nanjing road and rail traffic uses Yangtze River Bridge. China pictures from Nanjing.
Updated 17th June, 2006


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Chinese Engineers At Nanjing China Built Bridge Over Yangtze River.

Two sites in Nanjing, shown in these Nanjing photos, which are well worth a visit, are the Nanjing Bridge over the Yangtze River and the Mausoleum to Doctor Sun Yatsen. The Nanjing bridge was to have been a gift from the Russian Government, but was built by Chinese engineers. The Mausoleum shown in these China pictures from Nanjing is visited by Chinese people who consider Doctor Sun Yatsen as the Father Of China.

Pictures Of Nanjing Mausoleum And Bridge Over Yangtze.

The Nanjing bridge over the Yangtze is four miles long and spans a mile of water. Completion of the Nanjing bridge overcame a barrier of North-South travel in China. The Nanjing Bridge, built by Chinese engineers was completed in 1968. The Yangtze River Bridge at Nanjing carries two rail tracks and four lanes of traffic.
Page 1Nanjing Bridge over Yangtze river in Chinese photos series.
Chinese photos from Nanjing. Beneath the Nanjing bridge over the Yangtze River, supporting columns dwarfed the Chinese people. Under the Nanjing Bridge was like the nave of a cathedral. On the Nanjing streets a Chinese woman pushed her trolley with wooden buckets. Page 2nanjing pictures series: thnjgunderdrg.jpg

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Nanjing street entertainer with "Find The Lady" and "Three Card Trick". Group of people in Nanjing watch street entertainer perform card tricks. Glimpse of Nanjing mausoleum through blue and white, three arch gate at entrance. Chinese people in Nanjing visit the mausoleum of Doctor Sun Yatsen. Page 3Photo of Nanjing Street boy entertainer
Chinese photos from Nanjing Mausoleum. View through bamboo scaffolding in Nanjing up steps to Mausoleum. Chinese workmen in Nanjing wore "Mao" clothes of blue jacket and trousers. Nanjing visitors touch Bronze cauldrons on steps for good luck. Tourists in Nanjing stand on steps to Mausoleum. Page 4Nanjing pictures series: thnjgdownsteps.jpg
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