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Chinese Wedding Ceremony At Home Of Bride Follows Ancient Traditional Customs.

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Prepare for Chinese wedding ceremony. Photo of Chinese tea ceremony at Chinese Wedding. Chinese tea and rice wine in Chinese wedding ceremony. Chinese wedding ceremony of giving Fun Bao. Paying respects to Bride's Chinese Ancestors. Red Chinese candles of Phoenix and Chinese Dragon. Photos of Chinese Wedding. Chinese gold rings and necklaces in Chinese Wedding Ceremony.
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Updated 3rd March, 2004
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Ancient Customs Of Chinese Wedding Ceremony At Home Of Chinese Bride.

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(1) Chinese Groom Arrives At Bride's Home.

(3) Pictures Of Chinese Tea Ceremony At Groom's Home.

(4) Chinese Gold Rings Given To Bride And Groom.

(5) Chinese Wedding Photos taken in park.

(6) Bride And Groom In Chinese Restaurant For Banquet.

(7) Chinese Wedding Banquet And Toasts.

(8) Guests Depart Then Chinese Family Photos.

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Groom and Bride prepare for Chinese wedding ceremony.

The Groom, having overcome
the obstacles placed in his path by the
Bride's friends, meets his Bride, and they go through the remaining ceremonies of the
long wedding day together. These Chinese customs are observed first at the Bride's
home, then at the home of the Groom.
Pouring Chinese tea and rice wine in Chinese wedding ceremony.

Chinese tea and rice wine are poured in preparation for the groom and bride to pay respects to the Bride's Chinese ancestors, by the burning of joss sticks and kow-tow. The red Chinese candles, one of a Phoenix and one of a Chinese Dragon, represent the Bride and the Groom.

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Tea ceremony at Chinese wedding.

The Bride and Groom, with the groom's Best Friend, offer ceremonial Chinese tea to the bride's mother, senior members of her
family, and friends, and in return receive gifts of money, Chinese gold rings or necklaces.
Chinese wedding ceremony of giving Fun Bao to youngest brother.

Bride and Groom give traditional Fun Bao or Lai See to the bride's younger unmarried brother.

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