Police jeep driver named Ming

Old And New Projects Of Chinese People In China Town Of Longzhou

Sani guide at Stone Forest

Updated 30th September, 2002
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Colors And Textures In Buddha Cave

A cave on top of a mountain, where the Chinese people of Longzhou gather to pay respect to their ancestors at the time of the Spring Festival, now shows the signs of age and neglect, with faded wall paintings and grass and lichens growing in cracks and niches, but in some ways these give a natural setting for the Buddha Statue. The steps to the open arch lead up to the "Little Wall".
Open arch built by Chinese people in Buddha Cave

Dam Provides Electric Power For Chinese People

Dam built by Chinese people to service hydro-electric power station
Half way down from the Little Wall there was a good view of the surrounding countryside, the river and of the town of Longzhou. A river dam built by the local Chinese people serviced a hydro-electric power station. At the time, I was unaware that on our way back to Longzhou we would be driving across the causeway. A short distance up-river, Zhong's uncle and friends had built a toll, narrow suspension bridge of cables and wooden planks, which we would walk across a few days later.

Use Of Shoulder Pole And Panniers By Chinese People

Was the shoulder pole invented by the Chinese people ? They all seem to have the ability of using them with ease. Older children go on errands using panniers with them, coolies load crates onto cruise boats with them but one China tourist's attempt to master the art resulted in failure !
Chinese people make good use of shoulder pole
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