Police jeep driver named Ming

Hot Weather In South China Town Of Longzhou During Summer

Sani guide at Stone Forest
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Updated 20th June, 2006
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Blazing Chinese Weather Good For Harvest

The Chinese weather for the year had been good for longan berries and many homes had some berries laid out in front of them, drying out in the heat of the sun. This Chinese man had more than most which undoubtedly he would later be selling in the local market. When the berries have been shelled for a further spell in the sun, the air is filled with a sweet aroma, as we experienced on our way to Pingxiang. The longan berry is very similar to the lychee, but when dried is used in Chinese cooking.
Man takes advantage of Chinese weather to dry berries

Early Start To Working Day In Hot Chinese Weather

Chinese weather in summer good for cyclists
A breakfast bar in Longzhou at a road junction, serving rice soup and noodles to workers making an early start, was typical of many found in other small China towns and villages. In the hot Chinese weather the local people have had breakfast and worked a few hours before most of the foreign tourists even start their day.

Summer Chinese Weather With Short Shadows

The people of Longzhou must have been surprised to see a tourist walking through their streets, holding up a large black umbrella as shade from the blazing sun of the Chinese weather ! There was very little shade elsewhere on the streets and down this one walked a women calling out, "To Fu Lai !", "ToFu Lai !". She carried fresh ToFo in the panniers of her shoulder pole to sell to anyone who wished to buy and cook with tomatoes for a delicious dish of Chinese food !
Woman selling tofo in hot Chinese weather
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