Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square

Pictures Of An Artist, a Parrot, a Bridge And a Goldfish Pond

Chinese boy in market in Beijing

1st June, 2006
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A Selection Of Pictures Including Chinese Artist, Goldfish Pond, and Wooden Bridge.

These pictures of China will introduce you to the subjects covered in a new branch of Beifan with many different topics such as the work of a China artist in Longtan Park or a Chinese speaking parrot at the Caged Bird Market in Beijing. Amongst the pictures of China are an ornate Chinese bridge in Changsha and even of searching for goldfish in a pond at the Grand View Gardens, Beijing !

Each of the small pictures below is a link to its relevant page, where you will find even more pictures of China to enjoy. They will open in a new window from which you can continue your exploration through the other pictures of China. Closing the window at any time will bring you back here

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Chinese Artist with Charcoal Drawing, and Talking Parrot.

Pictures of China series: bj.park-artists
No pictures of China would be complete without showing some of the work of a Chinese artist.
Chinese parrot in the pictures of China series.
Would you expect to see a Chinese speaking parrot in the pictures of China ? Here's one !
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Chinese Wedding

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Bridge Over Lake; Looking For Goldfish In Pool

Pictures of China series: poc.bridge-lakes.
There are often Chinese bridges in pictures of China. This one is at the Martyrs Park in Changsha.
Garden lake in pictures of China series
There are pictures of China from the Grand View Gardens, Beijing, always worth visiting.


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