Master Xing Du in his room at the Shaolin Temple.

Demonstration Of Kungfu Positions By Master Xing Du During A Visit To Ruabon, North Wales.

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Xing Du in the Temple grounds.

Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du in Wales. Kung Fu pics of Meditation positions. Open palm and clenched fist in Kung Fu pics. Kung Fu pics showing use of sabre and sword. Use of the staff shown in Kung Fu pics. Master Xing Du in kung fu pics. Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du in mountains of Wales. Kung Fu pics of Shaolin Warrior. Shaolin Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du meditation in Welsh mountains. Special Kung Fu Pics of Shaolin Warrior. Meditation in kung fu pics. Kung Fu pics of clenched fist, open palm, use of staff, sabre and sword.
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Summary Kung Fu Photos
Master Xing Du At Shaolin
Master Xing Du In A Welsh Park

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Pictures Of Kung Fu Positions Demonstrated by Shaolin Warrior, Master Xing Du

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Masters teach their students the Kung Fu movements which imitate the motions of birds and animals. They teach them the Shaolin Kung Fu ways to generate sudden releases of power to the body yet keeping it balanced and supple. Kung fu was developed by the Shaolin Monks for body-building. Kung fu was used also by the Shaolin Monks to build up speed, agility and stamina. Through repetition of the Kung fu exercises, actions and reactions became instinctive. Every opportunity was taken by the Shaolin Monks to improve their Kung fu skills and thus reach higher levels of chi. Through the disciplines of Kung fu, body, mind and heart became in harmony with each other.

Buddhist Meditation as practiced by Shaolin Monks in Kung Fu pics Buddhist Meditation Kung Fu pics of Clenched Fist and Open Palm, used by Shaolin Monks. Palm and Fist Use of Sabre and Sword by Shaolin Monks in Kung Fu pics. Sabre and Sword Use Of Staff by Shaolin Monks in kung fu pics. Kungfu Staff

The pictures below, from the Shaolin Temple, include Buddhist Ceremonies by visiting Abbots; Master Xing Du with students of Kung Fu in exercises on Kung Fu Poles at the Shaolin Temple; Kung Fu exercises and Buddhist meditation at the Pagoda Forest.

To watch the Monks and the Shaolin students perform the Kung Fu exercises is quite an experience. One disciple in particular showed exceptional flexibility demonstrating some of the Kung Fu positions. The youngest student shown in these photos of Kung Fu would often be seen practicing movements and positons to improve his Kung Fu, even though he had not been instructed to do so. His exercises gave him a great deal of satisfaction, and his skill improved as days went past. One comment made on sight of a photograph of this young student demonstrating a kung fu position with a sword in hand, was, 'Warriors are born, not made !'

Buddhist Mantra ceremonies at the Shaolin Temple Shaolin Buddhist Monk demonstrates Kung Fu in a Ming Dynasty Hall Students with Master practice kung fu and meditation in Pagoda Forest Students with Master on top of kung fu poles demonstrating kungfu positions. Young kung fu student at the Shaolin Temple. Young disciple  at the Shaolin Temple greets a golden dragon.  Kung fu student demonstrates his natural talent at the Shaolin Temple.

Robert's Wild Cards.

Robert's wild card collection shows China pictures from the Minorities Park, Beijing, with boats and houses. The China pictures include Wind and Rain Bridge, Dong Nationality; Yunan Yuanmo Earth Forest, Yi nationality; Stone Board Building, Buyi Nationality; Watch Tower, Miao Nationality. Picture of boats of Chinese ethnic minorities on show at Minorities Park, Beijing.
Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese people in Beijing. "Bringer Of Prosperity" for the Chinese New Year in lobby of China hotel. Traditional savory dumplings on eve of Chinese New Year. Chinese children receive Fun Bao at Chinese New Year. No fireworks for Chinese New Year in Beijing. Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival.
Chinese New Year series: thbei-hotlobbyman.jpg
The Chinese paper cuts included in Robert's wild cards, were distributed by the China National Tourism Administration in the form of a special twelve picture calendar for the year 1999. The work of cutting and mounting all the Chinese Paper cuts was carried out by farmers in the Shanxi Province of China. Picture of Chinese tiger in Chinese papercuts from calendar.
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Children In China the Land of the Dragon

" " Kung fu and wushu are popular terms that have become synonymous with Chinese martial arts. However, the Chinese terms kung fu (pinyin: gongfu) and wushu have very distinct connotations. Each term can describe a different martial arts traditions and can also be used in a context without referencing martial arts. Colloquially, kung fu (or gong fu) alludes to any individual accomplishment or cultivated skill. In contrast, wushu is a more precise term that refers to general martial activities. The term wushu has also become the name for a modern sport similar to gymnastics involving the performance of adapted Chinese bare-handed and weapons forms (taolu) judged to a set of contemporary aesthetic criteria for points. " " " Src: Wikipedia
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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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