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Foto List: Nanning City Park.

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Updated 14th February, 2004.
Foto list Nanning City Park: Amongst these photos from the Nanning City Park you may find something of interest to you. Click the blue links to get to the relevant photo, which will open in a new window, then follow the photo links OR USE YOUR BACK BUTTON TO RETURN HERE

Nanning City Park.

Nanning City Park With Flower Beds And Specimen Trees. Picture of city park beds planted with colorful flowers. Flower beds in Nanning city park with tower blocks on skyline. Specimen trees in city park as background to flower beds.
Tropical Trees In Nanning City Park With Fountains In Lake. Fountains in lake viewed through trunks of tropical trees in the Green City of Nanning.
Trees Like Giant Bonsai Growing In Nanning City Park. Giant Bonsai appearance of trees growing in city park of Nanning. Mature trees in Nanning Park take on appearance of giant bonsai after severe pruning.
The Green City Of Nanning With Trees Newly Planted In Park. The Green City of Nanning in Guangxi Province, China. Grass verges and mature trees transplanted in park of the Green City of Nanning.
Cityscape Of Tower Blocks And Towering Tropical Trees In Nanning. Nanning cityscape with tower blocks and palm trees in park. Fountains in lake, tropical trees and tower blocks form part of Nanning cityscape
Mature Trees Survive Transplanting In China's Green City Of Nanning. Mature trees transplanted in park of Nanning City. Large mature trees survive transplanting in city park of Nanning, Guangxi Province
Wedding Photo Of Newly Married Chinese Bride And Groom In Nanning. Chinese wedding photo taken at side of lake in Nanning City Park. Chinese bride and groom pose for wedding photo in Nanning Park.
Chinese Women Sit On Park Bench Dwarfed By Towering Tropical Trees In Nanning. Chinese women sit on bench in Nanning City Park. Picture of Chinese women in Nanning sitting on park bench. Chinese women in park amidst tropical trees.
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