The references to buildings on this webpage include    Pictures of buildings in China showing western style architecture. Chinese pictures of buildings in Shanghai. China pictures of building with distinctive upturned eaves. Daoist Temple in pictures of buildings in China Province of Henan. Links to larger pictures of buildings in ancient and modern styles. Ancient gun barrels in pictures of buildings in Longzhou. Emperors Palace in pictures of buildings in Chengde in need of renovation. Ancient buildings in modern cities. Pictures of buildings in Beijing. Very new and very old buildings in China. Modern buildings with Chinese characteristics. Apartment buildings in western style architecture. Pictures of buildings with elaborate roof tops. Pictures of buildings with distinctive Chinese style architecture. Diversity of styles of architecture in Chinese buildings.
Picture of Tiger's head as papercut

Pictures Of Buildings In Modern City And Ancient Building In Country Town.

Picture of long Chinese dragon
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The photos below are links to pages dealing with the visits to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanning, Guangzhou, and the Shaolin Temple, in October and November 2008.
Picture shows Chinese people doing Tai Chi exercises in Beijing housing estate. Photos Beijing
Tai Chi exercises in courtyard
Photo shows view of Shanghai from top of Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong. Shanghai Pics
Pudong view from highest tower
Picture of very happy young Chinese boy in Nanning market, holding a puppy dog. Nanning Fotos
Very happy boy with puppy dog.
Picture of boat on the Pearl River in Guangzhou, collecting debris floating on water. Quangzhou Pic
Pearl River clean up from boat.
Picture of Shaolin Temple group giving performance of Kung Fu positions. Photos Shaolin
Kung Fu
open air performance
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Picture of the Great Wall Of China at Badaling with people climbing up the Great Wall towards a tower.
Climbing the Great Wall..
BEIJING, CAPITAL OF CHINA. Visit by yourself, with a friend, or as a group, the Beijing Impression Company will be happy to provide the facilities to make your visit to Beijing a memorable one. Picture of the Summer Palace by Kunming Lake in Beijing, the summer residence of China Emperors.
Summer Palace
a World Heritage.
Photo shows Chinese food including Beijing Hot-Pot on restaurant table in China.
Chinese Food in China itself. is a local travel agency based in Beijing. We work directly with local guides, drivers, and venues to provide quality services. Picture from the Forbidden City in Beijing, the capital of China, former home of Emperors of China.
Forbidden City
Now Open To You.
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Ancient And Modern China In Pictures Of Buildings In Beijing And Henan Province

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Pictures of buildings in China range from images of the very new to the pictures of buildings and streets from ancient cities. Some of the pictures of buildings show that the architects of the modern buildings have retained a Chinese characteristic or two, even if it is only in the style of the roof tops missing in other apartment buildings governed by the increasing demand for new housing. The roof tops of modern buildings in the pictures seem less attractive than the elaborate roof tops in the pictures of buildings built for the Emperors of China.

      Pictures of buildings in China show that there is an increasing trend towards western style architecture ; this new Chinese house is in Changsha. The European architecture shown in the pictures of buildings of the city of Shanghai is a legacy from the time it was partitioned by European Governments. The distinctive architecture of the stilted tea house presented in the pictures of buildings in the Yu Yuan Gardens, is without doubt Chinese.

Pictures of buildings in China show the diversity of styles which can be seen in the country. The architectural style, in any country, tends to evolve at its own pace. The pictures of buildings from ancient China would be instantly recognized; some of the pictures of buildings built in China over recent years, could well have been taken in other countries of the world.

For Larger Copies Of Chinese Buildings, Click Thumbnails.

Ancient barracks in pictures of buildings in Longzhou: The two ancient gun barrels outside the barracks shown in the pictures of buildings in China, were very popular with the local children and used for climbing. The ornate gables of the front building with five pillars to each, topped with glazed tiles and replicas of the Chinese Dragon, is an indication of its importance at the time the building was being erected. Pictures Of Buildings: Chinese army barracks and gun barrels in Longzhou, China.
Picture of front of Tibetan style architecture in pictures of buildings in Chengde. The Emperors Palace before restoration, in pictures of buildings in Chengde. The Palace in Chengde, much neglected during troublesome years, was in need of renovation. Some of the buildings were of Han architecture being more ornate than the Tibetan style of the Chengde Palace itself and the simple but elegant buildings we had passed during our walk. From the roof top of the Chengde Palace building, there was a splendid view of the smaller buildings below with their distinctive roof tops and in different architectural styles. The elevated position of the Chengde Palace enjoyed bright clean air, but the distant entrance gates were shrouded in mist. Palace of Dahongtai in pictures of buildings from Chengde.


Daoist Temple building in Henan Province, China. This picture of a Daoist Temple building shows octagonal windows and upturned eaves, the eaves design being an important feature of important buildings in China. Some of the newer building being erected in the China cities, only have the upturned eaves to indicate that they are of Chinese architecture; the increasing demand for new housing, hotels, and offices, has affected the appearance of the buildings, becoming more and more westernised. Customs of Daoist monks are different to that of Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple. . Picture of Daoist Temple building with upturned eaves, and with octagonal windows, in Henan Province, China.
Picture of China Merchants Bank taken through window of International Hotel, Bejing. A specimen of modern architecture in China pictures of buildings with upturned eaves. The overhanging rooftop with upturned eaves establishes this new building for the China bank as Chinese, but the building without the rooftop features could easily be taken as of western design. Very few of the new buildings recently constructed in the vicinity of the International Hotel appeared to have any such distinctive features. Picture of China Merchants Bank Building in Beijing

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''''' The Chinese dragon, an emblem reserved for Imperial China, were heavily used on Imperial architecture - on the roofs, on the beams and pillars, and on the doors. Only the buildings used by the imperial family were allowed to have nine gan (space between two columns); only the gates used by the Emperor could have five arches, with the centre one, of course, being reserved for the Emperor himself. The ancient Chinese favored the color red. The buildings faced south because the north had a cold wind.SRC: '''''
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The Vietnam pictures were taken following a chance meeting with a young man named Hoang in 1979. Hoang was one of the "Boat People" from Vietnam who, arrived in the UK. In due course I was given the responsibility of teaching him some English. A few weeks later I met his family and friends, and subsequently their families and friends, and friends and families, of friends and families.... and so it all began. Picture of Vietnamese boy at wedding banquet in Haiphong, Vietnam.

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Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010


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