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Phone: [01744] 73 77 33

Menu items include:-

Soups and Starters.

English Dishes.

Omelettes and Curry Dishes.

Set Chinese Meals for one to four persons.

Burgers and Baps.

Pies and Extras including Fish and Chips.

Large choice of Chinese Food Dishes, many including rice or chips.

Takeaway Chinese Food, Fish and Chips from St Helens Shop, with free delivery within 3 miles radius, minimum order 7.00, delivery hours 4.30pm to 11.30pm.
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Chinese Food Menu Of Takeaway Meals With Fish & Chips.

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Menu of Chinese Food And English Food.

The Chinese Food Menu lists Chinese Fast Food showing the types of dishes that are included as takeaway meals. There are a variety of dishes on the Chinese food menu suitable for most occasions. Steamed rice or Chips are included with many of meals on the the Chinese food menu. On the menu of Chinese food are included Cantonese dishes, Vegetarian dishes. The Menu includes Fish and Chips, Savoury Burgers and takeaway meals of English Food. You can order takeaway meals on the Chinese food menu by telephone or the dishes of Chinese food, English Food, and other Chinese food menu items, will be cooked for you while you wait.
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Some changes in the Chinese food menu may be made from time to time, but the quality of the meals on the Chinese food menu will not be affected. Takeaway Chinese Food, Fish and Chips from St Helens Shop, with free delivery within 3 miles radius, minimum order 7.00, delivery hours 4.30pm to 11.30pm.

Menu and Prices subject to change without notice.

Includes English Food takeaway meals also Fish and Chips and Savoury Burgers.
Some Chinese Food Menu dishes include Chips or Steamed Rice, except where otherwise stated on the Chinese food menu.

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   Soups & Starters.
   Spare Ribs Meals.
   English Meals.
   Great Wall Specials.
   Dishes of Curries.
   Sweet & Sour Dishes.
   Mushrooms Dishes.
   Fried Rice Dishes.
   Chow Mein Dishes.
   Foo Yung Dishes.
   Green Pepper
     in Blackbean Sauce.

   Satay Dishes.
   King Do Sauce Dishes.
   Tomato Sauce Dishes.
   Ginger & Spring Onions Dishes.
   Pineapple Dishes.
   Cashewnut Dishes.
   Oyster Sauce Dishes.
   Chop Suey Meals.
   Chilli Sauce Dishes.
   Broccoli Dishes.
   Peking Sauce Dishes.
   Meals With Roast Duck.
   Cantonese Dishes.
   O.K Sauce Dishes.
   Vegetarian Dishes.
   Szechuan Style Dishes.
   Sweet Curry Dishes.
   Chef's Special Crispy Dishes.
   Hot Noodle Dishes.
   Lamb Dishes.
   Fried Shredded Chicken.
   Fried Shredded Pork.
   Bap Sandwiches.
   Chilli Con Carne.
   Savoury Burgers.
   Extras - Fish & Chips, Gravies, etc.
   Pies- Steak & Kidney, Meat, etc.
   Portions - Chips & Gravy, etc;
   Set Meals for 1 to 4 persons.
   Meals With Roast Pork.
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Menu and Prices subject to change without notice.
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Telephone: [01744] 73 77 33
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