Photo Of Flower Beds Full Of Colorful Bedding Plants In City Park, Nanning.

Flower beds in the Green City of Nanning were ablaze with color from the flowers of the bedding plants that had been planted earlier in the year. Perhaps the flower beds were giving their best display at the time of our visit, and in the park there were many designs for garden flower beds, even if the garden beds would be of a much smaller size. Curving borders of the flower beds led your eyes past massed bedding plants of the same color, each mass of color having curved edges. The purple, yellow, and red bedding plants in the flower beds created an effect of instant admiration for the gardeners who were responsible for the designs of the flower beds. A visit to such a city park should provide inspirations for flower bed designs in our home gardens. The flower beds might be smaller, the color of the bedding plants chosen might be different, but with a small amount of careful thought, the effects could be just as satisfying.

Photo of flower beds full of colorful bedding plants in the Park of Green City Nanning.

Curved Flower Beds With Bedding Plants In Massed Colors.

'Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?' The flower beds in Mary's garden were filled with 'silver bells and cockle shells' and not bedding plants in such a blaze of color as were seen at Nanning. The Green City Park had other attractions to draw in the visitors, not only the foreign tourists but the people of Nanning themselves. There was a fine display from the water fountains in the quite large pond; large mature trees imported from other countries, planted and pruned, some of which looked like giant bonsai trees; palm trees with their smooth trunks like steel to the touch; giant boulders used as landscape features; all these features added to the attractions of the park. At the time of our visit the park had been chosen as a suitable location for photos of a Chinese Wedding, the bride and groom in western attire, and not in the colorful gowns of ancient customs. The wedding photos were taken at the side of the pond with the fountains, and not by the flower beds blazing with color, perhaps the flower beds would have been too much of a distraction when the wedding photos were seen by family and friends!

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''''' A flower garden is a form of garden usually grown for decorative purposes, centering primarily on the kinds of flowers produced by the plants involved. Because flowers bloom at varying times of the year, and some plants are annual, dying each winter, the design of flower gardens can be sophisticated, taking such matters into consideration to keep blooms, even of specific color combinations, consistent or present through varying seasons. Flower gardens combine plants of different heights, colors, textures, and fragances to create interest and delight the senses. These have grown in complexity over the years, and are sometimes tied in function to other kinds of gardens, like knot gardens or herb gardens, many herbs also having decorative function, and some decorative flowers being edible. Src: '''''

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