Photo Of Sleeping Child Perhaps Having Sweet Dreams About Chinese Food.

The sleeping child shown in the picture below was soon to become a KungFu Student. The expression on the face of the sleeping child is one of contentment, maybe the child is in a field of dreams demonstrating his Kung Fu skills to an admiring audience. In the dreams of the sleeping child he would not have known, that one of his photos would soon be titled, 'Warriors are born, not made'. The sleeping child was to be photographed wearing red attire, in keeping with that of his Master and Mentor, holding a sabre, in a field of pagodas, during a session of kung fu lessons. In future years, would he think that one of his sweet dreams had come true?

During the time that the child was sleeping, his mentor had been busy cooking food for dinner, and the dishes were laid on the table that the sleeping child had chosen to rest his head. Despite the savoury aroma of the Chinese food, the noise of dishes being placed on the table, and the conversations of older people in the room, the sleeping child was reluctant to leave his field of dreams. He was given a gentle shake to bring him back to the world of reality. His dream time was at an end, but there would soon be other dreams to enter.

Photo of child sleeping with his head resting on a table on which had been laid dishes of Chinese food, cooked by his mentor. Photo of child in red attire and holding a sabre, standing in a field of pagodas, during a session of kung fu exercises.

Black Hair Of Sleeping Child Soon To Be Sheared.

During the time that the child was receiving lessons in kung fu, his hair was to be sheared every 28 days, and the first time would be five days after he had been dreaming at the supper table. It was a very special day for him because he would be similar in appearance to his Master, and to his Mentor. After all his hair had been removed, the child was shown a reflection of himself in a mirror. When he saw his reflection, his face lit up with a wonderful smile. In his mind he must have thought he had become a kung fu warrior.

Although the parents of the child were living quite far aware from him, they would phone him every evening. When he was speaking to them on the phone he would tell of the exciting things that had happened to him during the day; of the things he had not liked very much; and of the other students he had been with. Quite often during the day the child would be seen practising a king fu exercise or stance, not because it was something required of him, but because he seemed to gain some satisfaction from improving his ability to do so. It was as if he was reliving the dreams he had, when he was just a sleeping child.

''''' A bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare them for sleep. Bedtime stories have many advantages, for parents/adults and children alike. The fixed routine of a bedtime story before sleeping has a relaxing effect, and the soothing voice of a person telling a story makes the child fall asleep more easily. The emotional aspect creates a bond between the storyteller and the listener, often a parent and child. Src: '''''

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Picture of young Chinese boy trying to catch plane in Tiananmen Square.
2nd June, 2007

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