Fresh Vegetables Including Turnips And Other Root Vegetables In Open Market.

Most of the fresh vegetables displayed in the open market we visited, appeared to be root vegetables, and of these, turnips were the ones chosen by my friend. Turnips and other root vegetables may have been the more abundant, because they were less likely to show signs of not being fresh, a quality topping the list as far as the local customers were concerned. Fresh green vegetables are more likely to wilt if exposed to the hot air in an open market where the temperatures are high. They might be offered as fresh vegetables, but if they show any signs of wilting, it is a signal for price bargaining to commence. Unsold green vegetables might be recoverable if steeped in water overnight, to be resold as fresh vegetables the following day. Root vegetables like turnips are likely to retain their fresh appearance for a longer time, even in storage. Many of the fresh root vegetables we saw in the open market were strange looking to us, and would have been carried over the mountains by the farmers who had grown them, or by traders, and for many of them, it was in the hope that all would be sold, so that other goods could be bought with the money raised, to be sold in the markets of their home towns.

Photo of turnips on display in an open market that also had other strange looking root vegetables for sale .

Turnips Being Selected By Knowledgeable Customer In Open Market.

The buying and selling of fresh root vegetables, turnips, and other goods at this border town, seemed not to be affected by any Border Controls such as Customs. Turnips, mountain berries, and other fresh vegetables, were amongst the goods brought by ferry across the border river, and the people involved in selling the goods were easily identified by their clothes and headgear, even by a westerner. It was a type of 'Free Trade Area' that the local people may have negotiated themselves, or a situation at which the local authorities had turned a blind eye. Whatever the reason, the open market was aptly named; in the open air, and open to all traders!

When we returned to the army jeep in which we were travelling to another countryside town, my friend peeled one of the turnips he had bought in the market, and gave it to me to eat. It was an unfamiliar way to eat a turnip. Surely turnips should be boiled first and mashed with boiled potatoes before being eaten, or the turnips should be steamed and served as a separate vegetable dish! It was with some reluctance that the first bite was taken. This fresh vegetable did not taste like a turnip. The flesh of the vegetable did not look like a raw turnip. The texture of the vegetable, when being eaten, was not the same as a turnip. Perhaps this white, crispy, juicy, root vegetable, a cool refreshing thirst quencher, should have been identified with another name. A second opportunity of eating this root vegetable with more relish, has not so far arisen.

''''' Turnip roots weigh up to about 1 kilogram, although they can be harvested when smaller. Size is partly a function of variety and partly a function of the length of time that the turnip has grown. Most very small turnips (also called baby turnips) are specialty varieties. These are only available when freshly harvested and do not keep well. Most baby turnips can be eaten whole, including their leaves. Baby turnips come in yellow-, orange-, and red-fleshed varieties as well as white-fleshed. Their flavor is mild, so they can be eaten raw in salads like radishes. Src: '''''

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Picture of young Chinese boy trying to catch plane in Tiananmen Square.
19th June, 2007

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