Master Xing Du in the Welsh Mountains.

Shaolin Kung Fu Pictures Of Master Xing Du Using Sabre Or Sword In Welsh Mountains.

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Xing Du in the Welsh Mountains.
Shaolin Kung Fu photos of Monk in Buddhist robes. Master Xing Du in Shaolin Kung Fu picture,"Down on his knees to cut with a sabre". Shaolin Kung Fu by Master Xing Du in photos from the Welsh Mountains. Yi Yiang Jian Shaolin Kung Fu stance. Monk demonstrates a Shaolin Kung Fu position. Buddhist Monk plays with a sword at the cliff edge, in Shaolin Kung Fu photos. Shaolin Kung Fu Master Xing Du in Wales. Body and mind control in Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu stance, "Fly with the dragon's sabre". Monk in pictures of Shaolin Kung Fu, "Tie the body and reveal the sabre".
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Updated 16th April, 2010

Summary Kung Fu Photos
Master Xing Du At Shaolin
Master Xing Du In A Welsh Park

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Master Xing Du Demonstrates Shaolin Kung Fu Stances With Sabre Or Sword In The Welsh Mountains.

On these pages various Shaolin Kung Fu positions using sabre or sword are demonstrated by Master Xing Du. The Shaolin Kung Fu pictures include "Tie the body and reveal the sabre". Descriptions of the Shaolin Kung Fu stances are in Pinyin, but with English translations. Shaolin Kung Fu has been taught by Master Xing Du in many countries, now including Wales. He continues to teach Shaolin Kung Fu at the Songshan Buddhist Temple.

All photographs strictly copyright and Associates; All Rights Reserved.

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Master Xing Du. Gui Bu Jie Dao Shaolin Kung Fu stance.
Gui Bu Jie Dao.
Down on his knees cut with sabre.
Photo of Shaolin Kung Fu stance, Yi Yiang Jian, by Master Xing Du.
Yi Yiang Jian.
Take with the Yi Yiang sabre.
Photo of Master Xing Du demonstrating a Shaolin Kung fu position. Jue Bi Pan Dao.
Jue Bi Pan Dao.
Play with sword at the cliff edge.

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Xing Du, in Xu Shi E Fa stance.
Xu Shi E Fa.
Getting strength ready to fight.
Picture of Shaolin Kung Fu stance as presented by Master Xing Du in the Welsh mountains.
Su Shen Liang Dao.
Tie the body and reveal the sabre.
The Shaolin Kung Fu stance, Fly with the Dragon's sabre, presented by Master Xing Du.
Fei Long Dao.
Fly with the dragon's sabre.

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