Kung Fu Pics Of Master Xing Du, Shaolin Warrior From Songshan Temple, Henan Province, China

Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du in Wales. Kung Fu pics of Meditation positions. Open palm and clenched fist in Kung Fu pics. Kung Fu pics showing use of sabre and sword. Use of the staff shown in Kung Fu pics. Master Xing Du in kung fu pics. Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du in mountains of Wales. Kung Fu pics of Shaolin Warrior. Shaolin Kung Fu pics of Master Xing Du meditation in Welsh mountains. Special Kung Fu Pics of Shaolin Warrior. Meditation in kung fu pics. Kung Fu pics of clenched fist, open palm, use of staff, sabre and sword.
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The photos below are links to pages dealing with the visits to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanning, Guangzhou, and the Shaolin Temple, in October and November 2008.
Picture shows Chinese people doing Tai Chi exercises in Beijing housing estate. Photos Beijing
Tai Chi exercises in courtyard
Photo shows view of Shanghai from top of Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong. Shanghai Pics
Pudong view from highest tower
Picture of very happy young Chinese boy in Nanning market, holding a puppy dog. Nanning Fotos
Very happy boy with puppy dog.
Picture of boat on the Pearl River in Guangzhou, collecting debris floating on water. Quangzhou Pic
Pearl River clean up from boat.
Picture of Shaolin Temple group giving performance of Kung Fu positions. Photos Shaolin
Kung Fu
open air performance
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Summary Kung Fu Photos
Master Xing Du At Shaolin
Master Xing Du In A Welsh Park

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Pictures Of Kung Fu Positions Demonstrated by Shaolin Warrior, Master Xing Du

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The disciplines and techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu, taught and practiced by Buddhist Monks at a Monastery in Henan Province attracts many students, and in 1991 these included one named Du Guo Bin. His Kung Fu Master taught him the Kung Fu movements which imitated the motions of birds and animals. He taught him the Shaolin Kung Fu ways to generate sudden releases of power to his body yet keeping it balanced and supple.



Kung fu was developed by the Shaolin Monks for body-building. Kung fu was used also by the Shaolin Monks to build up speed, agility and stamina. Through repetition of the Kung fu exercises, actions and reactions became instinctive. Every opportunity was taken by the Shaolin Monks to improve their Kung fu skills and thus reach higher levels of chi. Through the disciplines of Kung fu, body, mind and heart came in harmony with each other.

There are many advantages to be gained in practicing Buddhist meditation, as taught by the Shaolin Monks. If it is done well and with sincereity, Buddhist meditation can bring an improvement to health, both physical and mental. Be a happier human being at peace with yourself through Buddhist meditation.
Buddhist Meditation as practiced by Shaolin Monks in Kung Fu pics
Clenched fist and open palm in Kung Fu by Master Xing Du. Pictures of Kung fu positions include, "Luo Han covers his head.", "The gold cock stands alone.", "A horse step to pull with spanned hand." and "The tiger hugs its head." Kung Fu pics of Clenched Fist and Open Palm, used by Shaolin Monks.


On these pages various Shaolin Kung Fu positions using sabre or sword are demonstrated by Master Xing Du. The Shaolin Kung Fu pictures include "Tie the body and reveal the sabre". Descriptions of the Shaolin Kung Fu stances are in Pinyin, but with English translations. Shaolin Kung Fu has been taught by Shaolin Monks in many countries, including Wales. Use of Sabre and Sword by Shaolin Monks in Kung Fu pics.
A Kung Fu weapon might be as simple as a stick or as lethal as a sword. On these pages a staff is used as a Kung Fu weapon by Master Xing Du, who presents suitable stances. The positions using a staff as a Kung Fu weapon are named in Pinyin and English. It should be noted that Kung Fu weapons are used by the Shaolin Monks in various exercises, and not necessarily for mortal combat. Use Of Staff by Shaolin Monks in kung fu pics.
Du Guo Bin studied routines of Shaolin Kung Fu, long and hard, to gain perfection in mind and body. He became Master Xing Du, to hold a 32rd Generation Title of Shaolin Buddhist Monks. In his turn, he now passes on his knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu to others.

Buddhist Mantra ceremonies at the Shaolin Temple Shaolin Buddhist Monk demonstrates Kung Fu in a Ming Dynasty Hall Students with Master practice kung fu and meditation in Pagoda Forest Students with Master on top of kung fu poles demonstrating kungfu positions. Young kung fu student at the Shaolin Temple. Young disciple  at the Shaolin Temple greets a golden dragon.  Kung fu student demonstrates his natural talent at the Shaolin Temple.
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Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
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Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
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Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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